Libby Horton
Maid of Honor

From: Bellevue, WA (now in Seattle)
Who is she? Lucy’s younger sister.
Fun Fact: It’s Lucy and Libby’s Christmas Eve tradition to pull an all-nighter to finish a puzzle.

Libbers is the life of the party, and Lucy has always admired her ability to get along with anyone. Whether she’s crocheting a hat or baking a wacky, themed cake, Libby has always gone out of her way to make others feel special. And when she’s not busy doing creative things for others, she’s decorating her darling house and beginning a brand new job as a Nurse Practitioner in palliative care.


Maggie Horton
Maid of Honor

From: Bellevue, WA (now in Seattle)
Who is she? Lucy’s youngest sister.
Fun Fact: She can fall asleep almost anywhere, including a piano bench in the middle of a noisy kitchen.

From always listening in on the worries of her older sisters, Marge has developed a strong emotional intuition and has always been able to offer insight that’s wise beyond her years. It seems like Maggie brings grace, beauty, and fun to everything she works at – from illustration and design, to leadership and teaching, to dancing and nail-painting. You can now spot Maggie’s luscious blonde locks in Seattle at the UW School of Design.


Dylan Dougher
Best Man

From: Vancouver, WA
Who is he? Spencer’s younger brother.
Fun Fact: His family nicknames are “Baby D,” “Double D,” or simply “D”.

As kids, Spencer and Dylan treated the various rooms and hallways in their house as football fields. The games always went the same: they were all fun until one of them inevitably and unintentionally hurt the other (causing them to escalate from football to wrestling). Although Dylan is four years younger, he’s always been such a strong athlete that he could hang in games with Spencer and his friends, and he was always “one of the guys.” They play living-room-football together much less often now, but have remained good buds.

Shawna Dougher

From: Vancouver, WA
Who is she? Spencer’s older sister.
Fun Fact: She recently earned a Biology degree from Portland State University.

Spencer has always seen Shawna as the definer of cool. Growing up, whenever she bought a new CD Spencer would steal it in order to listen over and over again. It even went so far as to when she listened to punk music, Spencer spiked his hair and wore a studded belt. In adulthood, Spencer and Shawna have kept a close bond, talking for hours on the couch or over the phone. On top of that, Shawna has created one of Lucy and Spencer’s favorite little humans: Kane, her seven-year-old son.

Emily Blaser

From: Gig Harbor, WA (now in Seattle)
How we met: As babies (their moms are college BFFs!)
Fun Fact: When they visited Hawaii as teenagers, they devised a “school project” that required interviewing and taking pictures with cute boys.

Between using walkie-talkies to tail their mothers around IKEA, using a webcam to frame the family dog, and dressing in black to hide from their siblings at night, Emily and Lucy have basically spent their entire lives training as spies. Although jobs at the CIA continue to elude them, Emily has “settled” for being a computer programmer at Nordstrom, avid world traveler, and fierce cat mama.

Liliana Bogin

From: Bellevue, WA
How we met: High school trigonometry.
Fun Fact: Liliana and Lucy were in Advanced Drama together, their most notable roles the (made up) characters of Chef and Mouse in “Through the Looking Glass”.

Affectionately known as a fourth Horton sister, Liliana has coached all three of the Horton girls through their studies, boy-related exasperations, and life’s big questions since she and Lucy met over ten years ago. Now working in Seattle as a Nurse Practitioner, her supportive and insightful instincts affect the lives of her countless patients in palliative care.

Ted Case

From: Portland, OR (now in Los Angeles)
How we met: In a youth Jazz orchestra in high school.
Fun Fact: Ted and Lucy trade voice and piano lessons on Wednesdays.

Ted and Spencer became friends while members of a very Whiplash-esque youth jazz orchestra, traveling together to competitions across the country. While stuck in a snowstorm in Chicago in 2008, Ted witnessed a very lovestruck Spencer, who shared with Ted that a girl he had just seen for the second time at jazz camp was “the one”. Upon moving to LA at the beginning of this year, Ted and Spencer picked up their friendship right where it had left off, immediately collaborating on Ted’s album, Double Sunset.

Rachel Clausen

From: Seattle, WA (now in Brooklyn)
How we met: In NYC on a sort of “blind friend date” (thanks Marika!)
Fun fact: You wouldn’t know from looking at them, but Rachel and Lucy make quite a cute pair of Godzillas in their Aztec mud masks.

Before they knew each other, Rachel and Lucy both studied at the UW, had bicoastal relationships with musicians, and moved across the country after graduating. When they finally met, these shared experiences helped form a deeply connected friendship, filled with sleepovers whenever Spencer and Rachel’s now-husband, Andy, were out on tour. Rachel has had one heck of a year, having gotten married, graduating from Columbia University, and getting a job as a physical therapist specializing in women’s health.

Caleb Hawley

From: Hudson, WI (now in New York)
How we met: On a Caleb Hawley gig in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Fun Fact: He sang “Over the Rainbow” on a Japanese Honda commercial.

Caleb hired Spencer sight unseen to play bass on New Year’s Eve (thanks for the recommendation, Jordan!). They drove late through the night for seven hours to the gig, talking non-stop the entire way. It wasn’t until they got to their destination that they even saw what each other looked like, and from then on they were like brothers. They toured across the country in a big red van, which was known to blow a tire in the most inopportune places, at the most untimely moments. Caleb was the first artist to hire Spencer as a producer, and despite Spencer having moved to LA, they’ve continued to collaborate on every Caleb release since they met.

Emily Persha

From: Anacortes, WA (now in Bellevue)
How we met: While performing together at Starbucks.
Fun Fact: Emily became a mother to darling Nora Nicole in September!

Emily and Lucy became friends in choir and while studying music education together at the UW, bonding as some of the only pop singer-songwriters in a classical music program. Now whenever Lucy’s in town, she and Emily find time for a walk, tea, and chance to share whatever musical, creative, or personal challenges and joys they’re experiencing. Emily is an intuitive and inspiring voice and piano teacher, and is as in-tune musically as she is in-tune with the needs and aspirations of her lucky students.

Marika Lilly Price

From: Los Angeles, CA
How we met: In the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the UW.
Fun fact: She wrote a children’s book to raise awareness and help save an endangered species, “Pangy the Pangolin”!

Although Lucy lived only briefly in their sorority, she always admired Marika’s kindness and infectious positivity, and they reconnected when they both moved to New York in 2014. Marika’s compassion towards her family, friends, and things she cares about makes her the best cheerleader and confidant anyone could ask for! She now teaches yoga and is working towards her masters in English at Loyola Marymount University.

Jordan Rose

From: Houston, TX (now in Brooklyn)
How we met: Berklee College of Music
Fun fact: Fun Fact: He tours with international acts such as Caleb Hawley and Theo Katzman, and plays drums in the Broadway show, “Dear Evan Hansen”.

Jordan and Spencer became close while traveling to China to perform at Shanghai’s American Pop Festival. Since then they have shared the stage hundreds of times, developing a strong musical bond and friendship. Once while in South Carolina, Spencer got food poisoning and took a few Imodium pills to try and avoid having diarrhea on stage. Bad choice. Jordan was Spencer’s faithful nurse for the next two days as they hurried back to New York, Spencer writhing in pain with a virus that, thanks to the overdose of Imodium, could not leave his system.

Leanna Stanton

From: Gig Harbor, WA
Who is she? Lucy’s second cousin.
Fun fact: In preparation for this wedding, Lucy and Leanna risked everything to rip out an ungodly amount of Lithodora.

Leanna and Lucy have spent most of their lives trying to keep up with their mothers and their tremendous design projects. No matter the task at hand, you can always count on Leanna to keep the conversation lively and interesting. And sure enough, Leanna has inherited the itch for taking on big projects by recently pivoting her career from education to medicine as she has recently become a CNA!

Devon Yesberger

From: Edmonds, WA (now in Brooklyn)
How we met: The same jazz camp where L+S met, junior year of high school.
Fun fact: He is the songwriter and producer of the pop/soul band Lohai.

Devon, Spencer and Lucy met on the same day in All-State Jazz Choir in 2007, and since then fate has always kept them together. Spencer and Devon both went to Berklee College of Music; studied abroad in Valencia, Spain; taught at the Global Music Institute in New Delhi, India; and lived together in Brooklyn. Spencer has even risked his life for Devon, having perilously caboosed a piano up three narrow flights of stairs.