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Shoo-bop-n-doo • Winter 2007

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Lucy & Spencer met in 2007 as alto and bassist in All-State Jazz Choir, a select ensemble of high school jazzers from across Washington State. When Lucy arrived to the retreat, she immediately scanned the room for potential crushes and zeroed in on Spencer. Her attempts at being noticed apparently worked, because Spencer remembers being impressed by Lucy’s ability to “coordinate group games” (…a polite way to describe her bossiness?).


First Kiss? • Winter 2009

Despite living three hours apart, Lucy & Spencer stayed in touch through occasional texts and snail mail. For his 18th birthday, Lucy made Spencer a wooden “S,” wood-burned with select lyrics from over 100 Beatles songs, each one a clue about her feelings for him.

Before long, they were back for a second-year of jazz camp. By this time Spencer knew he had feelings for Lucy. He saved a heart candy in his pocket that read “First Kiss?” (after all, it was Valentine’s Day), but unfortunately, he chickened out.


The Confession • Spring 2009

A few months later, Lucy’s high school choir performed at a festival in Spencer’s hometown. Spencer met Lucy in the hotel lobby for tea, and confessed that he loved her. Lucy was shocked – the flirting was fun, but love?! He was about to graduate and leave for college, and Lucy was about to begin her senior year – how was that going to work?

They parted ways, and Spencer sent Lucy a final letter explaining how he was at peace with her not reciprocating his feelings:

“Above all, I just want you to be happy. Even when I’m married with kids, I’ll still love you.”


Boston Babe • Fall 2009

Having “moved on,” Spencer went to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. Lucy and her mom planned a college tour in October, and Berklee was their first stop. Spencer and Lucy spent a day together exploring Boston, at one point walking arm-in-arm in the rain to the Boston Library.

On the flight home, Lucy realized she loved Spencer back. She pulled out the journal he had gotten for her birthday, and began filling it up with entries to Spencer, like one long love letter.


Together at last • Winter 2010

Spencer came home for Winter Break, and Lucy made a trip down to Vancouver to visit him. She had a mission: she wasn’t leaving without having kissed him. She gave him the completed journal of love letters, and they’ve been “Facebook Official” ever since!

L&S dated long distance for the first four years of their relationship, and used school vacations to travel and make memories together in Spain, Italy, and India. Lucy wrote 10 journals to Spencer during their time apart and was very much looking forward to getting to talk his ear off in real life.


Since then…

Once Lucy graduated from UW, they moved to Brooklyn to live together for the first time. They recorded and toured an electropop record, dubbed Eugene Marie after their middle names. All in all, NYC taught them some important adult lessons – such as how to carry groceries a mile through a blizzard and how to kill a cockroach.

After three wonderful years, they decided to move to Los Angeles where Spencer now produces records and Lucy teaches music and designs websites. They still marvel that they get to hang out with one another every day.


The Proposal • Spring 2018

Once they moved to Los Angeles, L&S started thinking it’d be fun to plan a wedding. They let their parents in on this consideration, and when Lucy’s parents were visiting for Mother’s Day, they started casually trying on rings at the world-famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. Lucy’s dad spotted a few booths selling vintage platinum rings, and they found a ring dating back to the 1930s-40s from just outside Boston. They said “why not?!” and bought the ring.

The next weekend, L&S drove to Malibu for a “Commemoration Day” where they had brunch, explored caves, and wrote their (in)famous marriage-beach puns in the sand.