Introducing My Sonic Journal

Hi everyone,

This week I'm sharing an effort to engage in a regular creative act: sonic journaling. It's designed using the "If the shit don't flow, change your diet" technique I wrote about a couple weeks ago, where I try to re-build a stagnant process into one that is positive, fresh, and inspiring.

I encourage you to take a listen, design your ideal process, and try some creative journaling yourself. Here are the parameters I use to avoid creativity's biggest enemy, the hamster in the wheel (aka self-critic).

Keep it short and sweet.

Keep it consistent.

It's the process, not the product.

Start small! Lofty goals have a way of never getting done. Doing something a little bit every day will minimize pressure in the short-term, but allow you to cultivate something beautiful in the long-term. And remember, the point is the process, and not the product.

For example, instead of trying to write a whole song a day (which never ended up happening, making me feel extremely guilty and frustrated), I began by recording a voice memo for five minutes every morning while taking a walk through my neighborhood. Most of these voice memos I have never gone back to listen to, but the effort has helped me feel more carefree about the songwriting process in general.

And with that, here is today's entry in my sonic journal... enjoy :)

Thanks for reading and listening,


Banner art by Maira Kalman

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