It's Fun To Be A Dancer

When we feel like we are bad at something, we make fun of ourselves. After watching a dancer perform, we might say to her, "You would NOT want to see me try and dance like that—I have no rhythm whatsoever."

Why is it that we try something once and then give up if it doesn’t seem to come naturally to us? Is it because we don’t want to look like we are trying too hard? Is it that we'd rather die than look "bad" in front of someone who is "good" at what they do?

To protect ourselves from looking like failures, we make premature blanket statements about who we are and our capabilities. We try and sound unaffected and carefree by laughing at ourselves, but the self-deprecation is toxic to our confidence and self-esteem. Eventually we won't allow ourselves to try anything we don’t think we’ll be "good" at.

The fearless Bjork, singing with the Dirty Projectors.

Instead of labeling ourselves as "good" or "bad" at new things, what if we embraced all of the trials and tribulations of being beginners? What if we were all aspiring dancers, musicians, athletes, cooks, artists, actors, and writers? It is an exercise in humility to willingly be a beginner. Don't miss out on something fun because you are ashamed of being inexperienced.

And what would you know, this revelation had me dancing for over an hour. Turns out it's fun to be a dancer, even if you're not a "dancer."

For the other budding singers and dancers out there, here's the song I had on repeat.


Thanks always for reading,
Lucy Horton

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