Woman Up

Walking to a coffee shop I came across an assembly of wooden furniture on the sidewalk. There were mini-chairs, mini-tables, mini-chalkboards, and these amazing mini-shelving units: they were gutting an old kindergarten. Passersby were starting to hover and stake their claim. In a panic I called Spencer to help bring an antique cubby storage unit back home. I wanted to take an Uber but it wouldn't fit. We would have to carry it. 

About one block in I was getting worn out and I started to fuss. Before we made the last haul up the two flights of stairs to our apartment, I asked Spencer to wear my backpack. He chuckled: "C'mon Lu– Just man up... woman up!"

When we finally set down our load, he said:


I realized that I rely on men for things that I am perfectly capable of. The stereotype is that men are tough and women are delicate. That stereotype is limiting. Men should be allowed to be delicate, and women should be encouraged to be tough.

The little girls in this video know what I'm talking about.

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Lucy Horton

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