Honor Your Milestones

Last week Daughters hit its three-month anniversary! What began as an effort to support girls in their music careers is now growing into a broader resource that inspires creativity and builds confidence. It’s helping women navigate through self-doubt, transitions, and anxiety. We’re tackling creative projects and figuring out how to be better people.

The Daughters Blog anniversary coincides with a few others: one year since college graduation, and almost one year of living in NYC. I hesitated to share that with you because my self-critic was speaking up: “Don’t share your age, you’ll lose credibility. These anniversaries are not worth mentioning, you still have no experience! Why should people read this? You have nothing to offer.” This is called Imposter Syndrome, and we should not give into it!

It is important that we honor our milestones, whatever the perceived size. Take time to reflect, then move forward with fresh motivation. Daughters may still be in its infancy, but heck, we are going to honor this baby anyways!

With your support, I believe Daughters can develop into a resource to empower creative girls on a national scale. Please help Daughters transition into its next phase by letting us know your thoughts in the survey below.

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Lucy Horton
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