I Heart Meryl


Need I say more?

She is captivating, poised, unapologetic... I could write so many compliments and praising cliches, but I think you should take some time to get wrapped up in her yourself. Below is an interview where she talks about her family, sharing honest stories of middle-aged women, her acting philosophy, and her efforts to equalize Hollywood.


And with that, I’ve decided to watch all of Meryl’s movies. There are over 60 films listed on Wikipedia, and I've only seen 10 so far. By doing so, I hope to embody Meryl's spirit and expertise- her ability to cut straight to the human heart. I WANT TO DO WHAT YOU DO, MERYL!


Please share your movie recommendations and reviews in a comment or email, and let me know if you’d care to join me on the journey.


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