A Note on Anxiety

I am not really inspired to write anything today.

I am feeling overwhelmed by the yellow to do list sitting under my left elbow and a general sense of anxiety that is difficult to get rid of.

I wanted to tell you about what I learned last night from a conversation I had with four other musicians, all sharing stress about self-discipline and living the life you want… but I’m not sure what I’ve learned yet. I feel stuck in the middle of it all and I’m not looking for someone to tell me how to spend my time. I’m not ready for a big grand moral of the story– and that's okay... I think.

And on that note, these guys seem to really know what's up:


Oh dear... better just make it up as we go, cope with what we can, and eat some more ice cream in the meantime I guess.

And when you do find yourself inspired, do take note of your positive feelings and save them for the days like these. Because although you are certainly enough, it's hard not to feel inadequate sometimes!


Thank you for taking the time,

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