Be daring: write a poem


on the subway
a little girl
with hot pink shoes
hops up next to me

well, hi!
my nose leaves my book
too animatedly? too eager?
Mom looks suspicious?

between her legs, a plastic bag
inside, three goldfish, in a ziploc bag
like at the carnival
in vintage movies

a sneaky subway pic of my new friend's stylin' shoes.

a sneaky subway pic of my new friend's stylin' shoes.

oh wow! did you win those fishies?
no… my mom...
your mom got them for you?
i see

my mom, my mom bought them
oh! are you gonna name them?
that’s nice, I say

Mom laughs, shakes her head
like moms do
as if to say,
she's a handful, but endearing all the same

is that your baby brother or sister?
my baby sister.
how old is she?
one-month, says Mom.

you’re all grown up now
...grown up?
you’re a big sister now, and you have Goldy to take care of

her brow furrows
like a contemplating little girl’s brow might furrow

be daring

This poem is the back story behind a post from our new Instagram, @Mosey.Land. I am not usually one to write poems (I don’t think I've ever written a poem…), but how can I challenge mothers and daughters to be creative and daring unless I try new things myself?!

I wrote it in under ten minutes and over half of it is composed of direct quotes (making it more difficult for my inner critic to attack my ideas). Give it a try! Send me a poem about something your daughter said, or a transcription of a conversation you had recently. Sometimes the mundane, everyday conversations are the ones that really capture a memory. Give yourself ten minutes, and see what happens.