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We follow our DIY bliss through music, design, and teaching. Currently based in Los Angeles.
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Music Lessons & Workshops

Learn to express what matters to you through music.

I was impressed by Lucy and Spencer’s professionalism, and charmed by their ability to relate to both parent and teen. I’m sure my daughter saw that Lucy and Spencer’s realities (creating lives around their passions) could one day be the realization of her own dreams.
— Betsy, Parent

Lessons in Los Angeles:


Develop self-expression and healthy vocal technique through singing, songwriting, and performing different styles of music.


Songwriting workshops

Collaborate with friends to write and record an original song. Great for schools, parties, summer camps, or other special events.


Produce your own music by learning to make beats, record parts, and develop arrangements.

Career Development

There’s more to being a professional musician/creative than making music! Gain valuable insight into the music industry by building your brand, networking, booking shows, and managing a healthy work-life balance.

Lucy creates a really inviting and inspiring environment for students to work in. She not only knows her craft extremely well, but she is so good at explaining and guiding her students in very creative and understandable ways.
— Emily, Educator


Rates begin at $50 for private lessons and begin at $350 for group workshops.


For a free 15m phone consultation, rates, and scheduling information, complete our contact form below or email


Our Los Angeles teaching studio is located in Glendale, near the border of Eagle Rock.


About Us

Lucy & Spencer

 Lucy Horton & Spencer Stewart as  Eugene Marie , Photo by  Deer Creek Media

Lucy Horton & Spencer Stewart as Eugene Marie, Photo by Deer Creek Media

As performers, Lucy & Spencer are Eugene Marie, an electropop duo who released their debut EP in July 2017. As music educators, they produce songwriting workshops and teach privately across the country. As creators, Spencer produces music and Lucy designs websites. They recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to continue performing, teaching, producing, and designing.

Lucy Horton teaches voice and songwriting, and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Music Education, Choral Emphasis in 2014.

Spencer Stewart teaches music production, and graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual-degree in Bass Performance and Film Scoring in 2013.



Writing songs and music in general is no joke my life. So I just loved this workshop for every reason. My biggest dream is to go on a world is my passion :)
— Student
Lucy and Spencer created such a fun and happy atmosphere to do this. They listen and encourage personal style and development. They are so positive! Can’t recommend this enough!
— Rita, Parent
Songwriting Workshop was great because I could get all of my feelings and stress off my shoulders.
— Student